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It takes five senses
to aquire knowledge.

In order to turn it into
a market success
you need a sixth sense.

of telecommunications


NASK - New Location

We kindly inform that NASK has changed the location of its head office. The Institute is now located at Kolska 12, 01-045 Warsaw.

Tinba and Conficker have infected the highest number of Polish computers

Tinba and Conficker botnets are the types of malware that have infected the highest number of devices belonging to Polish users – informs CERT Polska team operating within the structure of NASK (Research and Academic Computer Network). Among the top 10 threats distributed in Poland, as many as three of them were aimed directly at online banking customers.  According to experts, last year cybercriminals could control more than 150,000 computers. 

Record year for .pl domain

The 2015 year was the best period in the history of .pl domain in terms of the daily average number of .pl domain name registrations, according to the NASK’s report on the .pl domain name market for the fourth quarter. At the end of December the .pl domain Registry, with nearly 2.7 million names, held the eleventh position among the biggest ccTLD registries in the world.

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