Energy-aware multi-level control system for a network of Linux software routers: design and implementation

Karpowicz, M; Arabas, P; Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, E

  • IEEE Systems Journal;
  • Tom: PP;
  • Numer: 99;
  • Strony: 1-12;
  • 2015;

The Linux operating system provides many well-developed tools that support the concept of energy-efficient networking. This paper outlines the results of research focused on the design and implementation of a control system reducing power consumption of IP-traffic processing in a network of Linux-based software routers. It is demonstrated how the standard ACPI-compliant system components can be adjusted to meet the requirements of adaptive energy-aware network control and what performance tradeoffs may there be expected. In particular, it is demonstrated how the abstraction layers provided by the Linux kernel can be used to exploit energy-saving mechanisms of packet processing servers. Formulations of the routing optimization and service rate control problems are presented and discussed. The results of the extensive experimental studies are presented as well.