Modeling Mobility in Cooperative Ad Hoc Networks

Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, E; Sikora, A; Kołodziej, J

  • Mobile Networks and Applications;
  • Tom: 18;
  • Numer: 5;
  • Strony: 610-621;
  • 2013;

This paper addresses issues concerned with design and managing of mobile ad hoc networks. We focus on self-organizing, cooperative and coherent networks that enable a continuous communication with a central decision unit and adopt to changes in an unknown environment to achieve a given goal. In general, it is very difficult to model a motion of nodes of a real-life ad hoc network. However, mobility modeling is a critical element that has great influence on the performance characteristics of a cooperative system. In this paper we investigate a novel approach to cooperative and fully connected networks design. We present an algorithm for efficient calculating of motion trajectories of wireless devices. Our computing scheme adopts two techniques, the concept of an artificial potential field and the concept of a particle-based mobility. The utility and efficiency of the proposed approach has been justified through simulation experiments. The results of presented case studies show a wide range of applications of our method starting from simple to more complex ad hoc networks.

Słowa kluczowe: access control, inference system, monotonicity , Role- based Trust management, set-theoretic semantics